NFL Top 10 Power Rankings Week 5!

NFL Top 10 Power Rankings Week 5!

We’re back with our Power Rankings for Week 5! Some big upsets this week with the Colts toppling the Chiefs and the Packers beating the Boys on the road. Some teams have fallen hard and some have risen considerably. Did your team make the top 10?  

10. Los Angeles Rams 3-2 (Down 6)

After losing to the Seahawks, the Rams now sit third in the division. No reason to panic yet in LA, but they do have to get going soon. A wildcard spot may be in order for the defending NFC champions.

9.  Dallas Cowboys 3-2 (Down 4)

The Cowboys have now dropped back to back games. Losing at home to the Packers isn’t what an NFC favourite would do. Time to start taking this year seriously, and Dak needs to start playing better.

8. Philadelphia Eagles: 3-2 (NO CHANGE)

Nice, you beat the Jets. Good for you. Seriously though, the defense was amazing, and the Eagles dominated a game they should have won easily. Took care of business and on to next week.

7. Buffalo Bills: 4-1 (NO PREVIOUS RANKING)

Welcome to the top 10 for the first time in ages. No the Bills do not look like championship contenders, but you can’t argue with the record and the fact that they keep getting the job done.

6. Seattle Seahawks: 4-1 (Up 1)

Russell Wilson is playing out of his mind, and the defense looks good. No one thought they would win that game against LA before the season, and that they would be ahead of them in the standings 5 weeks in.

5. New Orleans Saints: 4-1 (Up 1)

Teddy Bridgewater is 3-0. Who saw that coming? We thought their season was done when Brees got hurt, but Bridgewater is showing everyone why the Saints believe he is the successor to Brees.

4. Green Bay Packers: 4-1 (Up 6)

Aaron Rodgers wins football games. Dude may not love his head coach, but he is a gamer. Can the Packers keep this hot start going?

3. Kansas City Chiefs: 4-1 (Down 1)

The Chiefs lost a game that no one would have thought they would lose. Kudos to the Colts, who many people have said have found the blueprint to stop Mahomes. I think that’s b.s. and Mahomes is going to dominate for a long time. Just a small blip and they’ll bounce back.

2..San Francisco 49ers: 4-0 (Up 7)

Just an absolute domination of the Brows has the 49ers one of two undefeated teams left in football. Nick Bosa is a menace, and Jimmy G looked far more comfortable than Baker. This team is legit. Also, their running game…. Wow.

1. New England Patriots: 5-0 (No Change)

They took care of the Redskins and have only given up two offensive touchdowns in five weeks. This team is rolling and they’re not even playing their best football. Yikes.

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