WEEK 4: Top 10 NFL Power Rankings!

WEEK 4: Top 10 NFL Power Rankings!

We’re back with our Power Rankings for Week 4! We have decided to do a top 10 power ranking system as we know reading where all 32 teams stand is very time consuming. Therefore, we’ve broken it down to a top 10, and you can track who made it, and who didn’t.

10. Green Bay Packers: 3-1

Losing at Lambeau on TNF when you’re supposed to be a contender is unacceptable for Aaron Rodgers’ squad. They’re going to have to win the big games to be considered a big contender.

9.  San Francisco 49ers: 3-0

Haven’t bought the hype on the 49er train yet, as I think they’re the Bills with a better quarterback. However, they’re undefeated, so here they are.

8. Philadelphia Eagles: 2-2

A huge comeback win against Aaron Rodgers’ Packers shows that this team is still a contender. The fact that they did it on the road and on primetime, shows that this team is legit. They’ve stumbled, but they’re still a force.

7. Seattle Seahawks: 3-1

They won a game that they should have won. 3-1 and tied with the Rams is exactly where the Seahawks want to be. They, however, didn’t expect to be trailing the 49ers.

6. New Orleans Saints: 3-1

A huge win against the Cowboys on SNF has the Saints back in the top 10. Their offense wasn’t amazing, but their defense looked championship caliber. A huge win against the Cowboys has the Saints marching again, but I’m still not sold on them.

5. Dallas Cowboys: 3-1

The Boys should have won that game in New Orleans. If they did, they’d be in the top 3. But they didn’t. So they’ll stay at 5. Dak needs to be better, however the defense was swarming.

4. Los Angeles Rams: 3-1

Yes, they lost 55-40. They had an off game, but no one can deny that offense and defense is top 5 calibre in the NFL. Hence, why they didn’t slide out of the top 5. Look for them to bounce back with Seattle and San Francisco knocking on the door to the division.

3. Chicago Bears: 3-1

This defense is outstanding, and it almost looks like Chase Daniel may be better suited than Trubinksy to lead this offense. That question will eventually be answered, but the best defense in the NFL is why the Bears are in the top 3. Poor Kirk, having to go up against the Bears with the pressure currently on his shoulders.

2. Kansas City Chiefs: 4-0

Patrick Mahomes is the 2019/2020 NFL MVP until someone comes and takes it away from him. Man is he good. Hopefully the defense gets better, cause this offense is something else, WITHOUT Tyreek Hill. Just wait till he comes back.

1. New England Patriots: 4-0

The offense laid an egg against Buffalo, but their defense is underratedly excellent. Hence why they don’t fall from their 1 spot. The offense will bounce back, and coupled with their defense and special teams, there’s no one better than the Pats in football.

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