The second week of the 2019 NFL season added a lot of intrigue and may have derailed the season of a few teams. You’ll have to wonder what Pittsburgh does from here. Do they throw the towel in, realize its time to move on for Big Ben, and tank for Tua? Have we ever seen a team as abysmal as the 2019 Dolphins? And the top 4 teams have established themselves in a tier well above the rest of the competition.

32. Miami Dolphins: 0-2 (No Change)

I was very much debating ranking Alabama and Clemson ahead of Miami, but I decided against it, as no football team should be compared to the Dolphins. They just looked completely lost against the Patriots. They got thumped, and to put it bluntly, this football team is BAD. Time to see what you have in Josh Rosen before the 2020 NFL Draft.

31. New York Giants 0-2 (Down 1)

After a loss to the Bills where they were simply outclassed, its time to wonder whether to see what you have in Daniel Jones. There is simply no point in allowing Eli Manning to continue to take snaps. Oh, and please use Saquon more.

30. New York Jets: 0-2 (Down 2)

Sam Darnold has mono, and Trevor Simiean’s leg got folded by Myles Garrett. His leg is symbolic of the Jets’ season. Le’Veon Bell looks good, but he may have to wait another year for Gang Green to be legit. The Jets are done.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: 0-2 (No Change)

Gardner Minshew looked decent in his first start under centre, but it wasn’t enough to win against the Texans. The 0-2 Jaguars are in a tough spot, and Doug Marrone is going to lose this team more games than he’ll win them.

28. Cincinnati Bengals 0-2 (Down 4)

They got spanked by the Niners. This team got outclassed, however, a couple bright spots emerged, such as John Ross III. When will they finally move on from Dalton? They won’t win a football game till they do.

27. Washington Redskins: 0-2 (Down 2)

This team looked lost against Dallas, and really at no point looked like they had a shot at winning this game. Rookie receiver McLaurin is turning heads though, making Redskins fans dream about him and Haskins becoming a dominant duo for years to come.

26. Arizona Cardinals: 0-1-1 (Up 1)

Kyler Murray will be a star one day. He did a good job of distributing the football equally. Baltimore is a top notch team this year, and Arizona held their own. Well done. Future is bright for this young QB.

25. Denver Broncos: 0-2 (Down 3)

Flacco’s Broncos couldn’t get it done against the insane Bears defense. Holding Chicago to 16 points though, is more a testament to how bad Chicago’s offense looks, rather than the Broncos defense. Broncos are 0-2, and if this team had a wildcard shot to begin the year, the door is rapidly shutting on it.

24. Pittsburgh Steelers: 0-2 (Down 9)

The only hope the Steelers had this year relied on Big Ben. Well, he’s out for the season. A team that had contending hopes is now best served to tank for Tua or Trevor Lawrence, and move on from the Big Ben era. To think two years ago, this team had AB, Big Ben, and Bell. How times can change. Stick a fork in the 2019 Steelers. They’re done.

23. Carolina Panthers: 0-2 (Down 7)

Surprising loss on TNF to the Buccaneers. Cam Newton looks lost, uninterested, and beat up. Carolina has let him take beating after beating. Cam once looked as energized as Christian McCaffrey. Now, he looks like Andrew Luck. The Panthers had playoff hopes, but after starting 0-2, alarm bells are ringing.

22. Oakland Raiders: 1-1 (Down 1)

They got thumped by the Chiefs, but can you blame them? The Chiefs may have the most athletic QB to ever play football, and the NFL is still figuring out how to adjust. A 1-1 start for the Raiders is a win for Jon Gruden’s young crew.

21. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 1-1 (Up 9)

Jameis Winston finally won a game on a road. Doing it on a TNF game in Carolina is impressive. Peyton Barber looked good in the backfield as well. Tampa won’t be a playoff team, but if Winston can pull off wins like this, it may save his career.

20. New Orleans Saints: 1-1 (Down 16)

Yes the Saints slid. This slide is how important Drew Brees is to this offense. Teddy Bridgewater looks like he’s playing like someone’s 8 year old daughter right now. From what we have seen from him, the Saints are no longer a playoff team with him at the helm. Prove me wrong Teddy.

19. Buffalo Bills: 2-0 (Up 4)

The Bills may be the lowest ranked 2-0 team in history. They’ve had two very easy games against teams at the bottom of the power rankings, and barely squeaked by one of them. The men in blue need to prove themselves a bit more before we start taking them seriously.

18. Los Angeles Chargers: 1-1 (Down 5)

A Loss to Detroit? Seriously? I’ve heard this a lot over the past week, and I agree. Eckler may be really good, but the Chargers are not.

17. Detroit Lions: 1-0-1 (Up 19)

A tie against a young inexperienced team when they had a lead and narrowly squeaking out a win against the listless looking chargers is why we don’t see the Lions higher. However, with Minnesota and Chicago stumbling out of the gate, they’re in a good spot in their division after two weeks.

16. Cleveland Browns: 1-1 (Up 2)

The Browns got a win against the listless Jets third string QB. Good, but for a team with expectations for the first time in a decade, lets wait to see what they do against the next contender they play.

15. Tennessee Titans: 1-1 (Down 6)

This team came back down to earth this week with a loss against Indy. Derrick Henry is a workhorse, and Mariota continues to show flashes, but not consistency, of being THE guy. I forsee another 8-8 type season for the Titans.

14. Indianapolis Colts: 1-1 (Up 5)

Decent showing for Brissett and the colts. Reich’s team found a way to win. I can see this team going 9-7, or even 10-6.

13. Minnesota Vikings: 1-1 (Down 5)

Kirk. Do more. Be better. That is all.

12. Atlanta Falcons: 1-1 (Up 5)

Impressive win on SNF against the Eagles, however, the Eagles were banged up, and they came storming back in the second half. Definitely a positive for Atlanta, but there are warning signs still that we saw in week 1.

11. Houston Texans: 1-1 (Up 1)

A 13-12 win against a rookie QB making his first career start against a franchise in disarray is why the Texans aren’t ranked higher. Be better.

10. San Fransisco 49ers: 2-0 (Up 10)

They demolished the Bengals, and Jimmy G is showing signs of why Bill Belichick thought so highly of him, and why Tom Brady may have felt threatened. If he continues to play better and better, watch out for San Fran. Welcome to the top 10.

9.  Chicago Bears: 1-1 (Up 5)

The Bears are a better version of the Vikings. A solid team, with a phenomenal defense, but a QB that can’t push you past the finish line. The Bears defense is better than the Vikings, but their QB is playing like the worst in their division. Their defense is the only reason why they’re ranked this high. Speaking of which, their kicker didn’t screw them. Positive?

8. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-1 (Down 2)

Tough loss to Atlanta on SNF. A top 5 team, which is what some thought the Eagles were after last week, wins that game. Wentz looked abysmal the first half, and his two interceptions were nowhere close to his receivers. He took a hard hit to the ribs too. Is he hurt? Also, their receivers need to get better ASAP.

7. Green Bay Packers: 2-0 (Up 4)

The Packers played well against the Vikings, but they could have easily lost that game. They’re lucky Cousins doesn’t know what clutch means. Defense looks better than we thought. Two weeks in and it looks like Rodgers and LaFleur want to strangle each other. That’s not good.

6. Seattle Seahawks: 2-0 (Up 4)

Seahawks had an easy win against the Big Ben less Steelers, however, the score didn’t indicate that. Seattle let it get a lot closer than it actually should have been, hence why they’re not in the top 5.

5. Dallas Cowboys 2-0 (Up 2)

Cowboys are looking like a well oiled machine, and Dak looks like he’s worth a large contract, and I never thought I’d say that. This team can easily contend for the NFC crown, and are the best team in their division.

4. Los Angeles Rams: 2-0 (Down 1)

The Rams laid a beating on the Saints, but got lucky due to yet another call going against the Saints which could have turned the entire game around. They did nothing to fall a spot, but the Ravens earned their climb.

3. Baltimore Ravens: 2-0 (Up 2)

Baltimore may be this year’s version of Kansas City. Lamar can throw, Lamar can run, and Lamar can flat out ball. The defense is swarming, and the run game is effective. The AFC crown is heating up, which makes the first seed that much more important, so the top seed only has to play one of the 2nd or 3rd seed.

2. Kansas City Chiefs: 2-0 (No change)

The Chiefs looked dominant. Their D may not be the best, but their offense is something special, and Tyreek Hill is still on the sidelines. Their D is why they haven’t dethroned the Pats at the top.

1. New England Patriots: 2-0 (No Change)

How much did it hurt NFL fans to watch Tom Brady throw a 20 yard TD to Antonio Brown. Their D had two pick sixes against Miami, and a shutout win on the road, even against the Dolphins, shows that the Pats may look better than we have ever seen to start the season.


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