The first week of the 2019 NFL season gave us plenty to talk about. With everyone focused on the New England Patriots signing disgruntled receiver Antonio Brown, some teams went out and made statements themselves, whether they were recognised by the twitter sphere or not. Some teams impressed, and some teams laid an egg. Certain players also went out and made a name for themselves: cough *Lamar Jackson* cough. Also, Is it too early to start talking about the 2020 NFL draft Miami?

32. Miami Dolphins: 0-1

Poor Josh Rosen. He gets drafted into a no win situation in Arizona, gets thrown into the fire immediately, and then gets traded to Miami, after his old team decides to take Kyler Murray. Miami got absolutely demolished in every aspect of the game, making Lamar Jackson look like god’s gift to quarterbacking. Losing big is one thing, losing 59-10? Ouch.

31. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: 0-1

Was Bruce Arians the answer to Jameis Winston? Hard no. Winston may end up being the new Dalton if he’s a starting quarterback after this season. Tampa Bay needs a new quarterback, and they need it soon. 3 picks vs the 49ers and only 194 yards? Ouch.  

30. New York Giants: 0-1

Yes Eli Manning won you two superbowls. Move on. Saquon needs a lot more carries, and let Daniel Jones develop. Also, hopefully Dak buys you some flowers, because you may have just negotiated his new contract for him.

29. Jacksonville Jaguars: 0-1

Poor Nick Foles, throws a dime, and then breaks his clavicle. Rookie Gardner Minshew had a day though, is he the future? Either way, Jacksonville is undisciplined, and don’t look like a team whatsoever. Their defense isn’t in sync, and its going to be a long season unless they can get some discipline.

28. New York Jets: 0-1

They had this game in the bag, but they out Bills’d the Bills. Sam Darnold did not look impressive, however, Bell did look good. 28 completions but only 171 yards? Yikes. On the positive, he didn’t throw an interception.

27. Arizona Cardinals: 0-0-1

First three quarters, brutal. Made everyone think if Kyler Murray should have played baseball. Maybe Kingsbury didn’t have what it took to be an NFL coach? Well, if they can play how they did in the fourth, this team has something to build on.

26. Detroit Lions: 0-0-1

This backup Patriots, sorry, the Lions were supposed to start to put it together this year. Allowing a team who had the first overall pick and a rookie QB and coach to storm back with a sorry supporting cast to force OT and a tie isn’t putting it together. Larry Fitzgerald looked like he was 28 again though.

25. Washington Redskins: 0-1

They had a good showing against Philly, but Carson Wentz was just shaking the rust off. Don’t expect for Case Keenum to throw for 380 yards and 3 TD’s more than once in a blue moon though. The knee injury to Guice was tough to see though, however Peterson is on the bench surprisingly. Also, what’s Trent Williams saying?

24. Cincinnati Bengals: 0-1

Andy Dalton throwing for 400+ yards? Against the Seattle defense? Wow. Have your rise in the power rakings even with a loss Cincinnati. Hopefully Dalton can put it all together this year. This team needs to make a couple more moves on defense to be a true contender however.

23. Buffalo Bills: 1-0

The Bills got extremely lucky that the Jets decided to fall off a cliff. Allen bounced back from a mediocre start to finish 24-37 with 251 yards and a TD. Also, Devin Singletary needs to get more work. He’s the real deal. Until the Bills figure out how to utilize their weapons, they’ll stay near the bottom.

22. Denver Broncos 0-1

You thought Joe Flacco was the answer at quarterback? Also that defense that was the reason that won you the superbowl is a shell of its former self. Time to panic in Denver.

21. Oakland Raiders 1-0

What a win for the Raiders over the Broncos. The drama surrounding this team all offseason with the Antonio Brown saga had to be difficult for all players not named Antonio Brown. Now that the distraction is gone, it was nice to see this team come together for a win at home. Still a lot of work to be done with this roster, but things are trending up.

20. San Francisco 49ers: 1-0

Jimmy G had a mediocre day at best, but he’s lucky Winston turned the ball over consistently. Even with a win, San Fran needs to show more, as their opponent was weak in week 1.

19. Indianapolis Colts 0-1

Jacoby Brissett and Marlon Mack looked great. So did T.Y. Hilton. Defense still needs some work, but this team can contend if everything goes right. Never thought we would say this, but does Indy have a kicker problem??????

18. Cleveland Browns: 0-1

Hear that? That’s the sound of the bandwagon falling off a cliff. What an embarrassing week 1 for the Browns, who had contending expectations for the first time. Yes they’ll bounce back, but they are no where near the juggernaut everyone thought they were. Also OBJ, take the damn watch off.

17. Atlanta Falcons: 0-1

Nice extension Julio. Hopefully they throw you the ball more. Also what happened to Devonta Freeman? And that defense? Looked abysmal. Falcons better turn it around, and QUICK.

16. Carolina Panthers: 0-1

Christian McCaffrey is a top 3 back in this league. Newton however, doesn’t crack my top 10. Defense kinda hung in there against the rams, but if McCaffrey doesn’t play like a god among men, they get blown out.

15. Pittsburgh Steelers: 0-1

Only 3 points against the Patriots? Choosing to kick on the one yard line on 4th and goal showed that the Steelers were more concerned about not getting shutout than winning this game. Yes the Patriots may be the King of the AFC, but you’re supposed to contend with them. James Conner and JuJu were non existent. This team may miss AB more than they thought they would, and it must kill them to know the Pats got him for free. Not a good week for the Steelers.

14. Chicago Bears: 0-1

This Bears defense is scary good. Aaron Rodgers was never allowed to get comfortable and threw a lot of passes before he wanted to. The offense however? Not good. A non existent running game combined with an inability to move the sticks leaves Bears fans screaming with frustration. This is a superbowl defense, but a mid of the pack offense.

13. Los Angeles Chargers: 1-0

Melvin who? Austin Eckler looked amazing. 3 TD’s!!! 154 yards!!! Rivers looked like the same old Rivers, but the run defense needs some work.

12. Houston Texans: 0-1

Here is the highest ranking for a team that lost. DeShaun Watson is scary good man. The third year QB did not deserve to lose that game. Losing on a last minute field goal to one of the best teams in the league on the road is nothing to be upset about. Hopkins looked amazing, and Tunsil was a huge pickup to protect Watson, who, when faced with pressure, makes his own magic happen. Watch out for the Texans.

11. Green Bay Packers: 1-0

This defense is getting more credit than they deserve. The Bears offense was absolutely awful. Credit to Aaron Rodgers for finding a way to win on the road. Packers are only going as far as he takes them.

10. Seattle Seahawks: 1-0

They made Andy Dalton look like Tom Brady and narrowly won. The LOB may have lost some oomph even with the addition of Clowney. Wilson found a way to get his team a win however.

9. Tennessee Titans: 1-0

Did anyone make a larger statement than the Titans? What a game they played. Are Mariota and Walker the new Brady and Gronk? Ok no, but they’re good. Walker says the Browns are who he thought they were, but the Titans are definitely better than what we thought they were. Keep an eye on this team.

8. Minnesota Vikings 1-0

The Vikings played an amazing game. Their defense is suffocating, and they had Kirk Cousins play game manager, which is what he’s best suited to do. Dalvin Cook looks like he deserves all the hype around him. This team can contend for the NFC crown.

7. Dallas Cowboys: 1-0

Dak Prescott better thank the New York Giants for helping him secure a lot more power at the bargaining table. Elliott got paid, Dak is next. This Cowboys team is good, but will only go as far as their defense takes them. They won a game that they should have won, lets see how they do against contenders against the NFC crown before we toss them in the top 5.

6. Philadelphia Eagles: 1-0

DeSean Jackson is back baby. Carson Wentz is shaking the rust off, and the Philly offense found itself in the second half. However, they need a more convincing win against the Redskins to crack the top 5. However, its going to be Dallas vs Philly for the NFC East crown.

5. Baltimore Ravens: 1-0

WOAH LAMAR JACKSON CAN THROW A FOOTBALL. His QB Rating was 158.3.  Perfect. As I expected, Ingram was one of the most underrated pickups this offseason. Granted, this was against the lowly dolphins, but they won by 49……. Ravens are up there with the Chiefs and Pats for the AFC crown.

4. New Orleans Saints: 1-0

New Orleans had to comeback, twice, to win this game. But they have Drew Brees so they were never worried. Kamara is exactly who we thought he’d be as he’s the featured back now that Ingram is gone, and Brees spreads the wealth around to all his receivers. Jared Cook will be a great fit with him, and the defense looked good. The Texans played amazing, but the Saints were just a bit better.

3. Los Angeles Rams: 1-0

Quiet day for Aaron Donald, and sloppy special teams play is why this team isn’t number two. Gurley looked like he’s shaken off all the rust from the knee injury however. Brandin Cooks was held down in the passing attack, but a tough road win against the Panthers was impressive.

2. Kansas City Chiefs: 1-0

Patrick Mahomes is REALLY GOOD at football. Is Sammy Watkins a good receiver again? Shady looked great along with Damien Williams. They did all this without Tyreek Hill… Who cares about their defense, their offense is elite.

1. New England Patriots: 1-0

This team has an underratedly good defense who stifled the Steelers for 3 points, and Brady looks like he’s 32 again. Gronk wasn’t missed at all, as Burkhead, Gordon, Dorsett, White, and Edelman provided Brady with all the weapons he needed. Oh yeah, they signed AB too….. Can’t wait for the Patriots vs Chiefs this year to watch two elite offenses go at it.


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